Rob Grady is coming to town!!!

You are all invited to this special Tech day event hosted at Sprint Auto Works in San Jose. - March 12 2016.

Here is the schedule for March 12 Inspection/Tech Day with Rob Grady at Sprint Auto works.

9:30 am Arrival time/coffee time
10 am Car # 1 inspection Sandy Bigman vin 10500
10:30 am Car # 2 inspection Bruce Johnson vin 1420
11 am Car # 3 inspection Doug Clark vin 2259
11:30 am Car # 4 inspection Eric Remedios vin 6835
12 pm Car # 5 inspection Maor Burshtain vin 15190
1230 pm-1pm Lunch break
1pm Car # 6 inspection Brian Schaubmayer
1:30 pm Car # 7 inspection Ruben Gonzales
2:00 pm Car # 8 inspection Ronnie Demer
2:30 pm Car # 9 inspection Rich Wipfler vin 934
3pm Car # 10 inspection Stephen Ivie vin 3100
3:30 pm Car # 11 inspection Christian Williams
4pm Car #12 inspection Will Tucker vin 5316
4:30pm Car #13 inspection Chris Miles


1. Please do not arrive prior to 9:30am
2. If you do not plan to attend all day, please arrive at least 30 min prior or more.
3. If you are not getting a car inspected, please park in the front lot.
4. Coffee and water will provided as well as some snacks but you are on your own for lunch.
5. If you are getting your car inspected by Rob, please bring $30 cash payment for the inspection.
6. During your car inspection, you will have an opportunity to discuss your future repair wish list with Rob.
7. Folding chairs are recommended if you plan to spend several hours at the shop.
8. Please respect Sprint Auto works facility and staff and stay out of service areas except where a work is being performed on a Delorean (most likely using the alignment rack lift for inspections). Sprint auto works will be open to their other customers while we host our event there.

We will have a dinner with Rob on Friday night atTony and Alba's Pizzeria
on Stevens Creek at Winchester in San Jose near Valley Fair/Santana Row
Time 7pm

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